Life, Business, Religion & PoliticsEdit

Far from a 'United Earth', or a 'United Humanity' The Human Species is just as factional, fragmented and argumentative as always overall.

Even despite being threatened from outside the Sol system.

Not everyone greeted the New Age with optimism and excitement, and there were many groups Political, Religious and ones that were a mix of both, whom opposed it.

The Age of TerrorismEdit

Earth managed to avoid the anticipated and much-dreaded Nuclear War, but did not see a new age of peace. Instead, war became more a matter of Precise Conventional Strikes by both legitimate Militaries, private Corporate Militaries and Insurgency Groups.

This age also saw the return of the Militia and Concealed-Carry personal weapons for self-defense, despite enormous pressure against such by elements of an attempted Globalist Government following a derivation of Marxism.

Religion-based Extremism took a sharp upswing and steadily-increasing incidents of actions against unarmed and innocent Citizens. This was met with Citizens defending themselves, and it became a lot more dangerous to be a terrorist or extremist of any kind.

Despite this, progress continued and work was pursued on a means of achieving FtL travel. Humanity still had it's dream os reaching for the stars, and the various extremists did nothing to dissuade this.

The Fruits of DreamsEdit

The advent of FtL by means of Hyperdimensional Transit was proven by a small probe and opened the stars to Humanity. In short order, Humanity began building Colonizers and exploration vessels in anticipation of the future. Corporations freely engaged in such speculative efforts, knowing that even if Humanity found no habitable worlds, the wealth from mining and resources alone would more than justify the initial investments...and that their rivals were looking at the same goals.

In the background, Earth's population continued to grow, despite very generous incentives for leaving Earth for the colonies in the Sol System. The damaging effects of overpopulation more and more exerted themselves and Earth began to die. Environmental Extremists became more bold, and in many cases aligned with Religious and Political Extremists.

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